Aspirating Smoke Detector Upgrade

Chemtron Fire Systems issued a bulletin on the aspirating smoke detector mandatory safety upgrade program.  This bulletin requires mandatory software upgrade of specific AirSense/AIR-Intelligence Aspirating Smoke Detectors within 6 months.

AirSense has recently discovered two firmware issues that may impact specific AirSense/AIR-Intelligence branded Aspirating Smoke Detectors.  Due to one of the issues, under certain circumstances some affected units may take longer than typically expected to report a laser head trouble. The second issue may result in a gradual loss of detection sensitivity over time, which could possibly affect ability to detect a fire event.

Both issues have been corrected so that the laser head trouble is now reported within 90 seconds and there is no loss of sensitivity over time. These corrections are implemented by a firmware change which requires that a chip resident on a circuit board within the detector enclosure be changed. The upgrade chips are being made available via a firmware upgrade kit.

While no injuries or property loss have been reported, due to the critical nature of early warning detection in mission critical and/or life safety applications, Chemetron is requiring the mandatory upgrade of all affected detectors at the next service call or within 6 months of receiving the upgrade kit, whichever is earlier.

Contact Eagle Fire for the list of affected products.