Eagle Fire Consulting, fire prevention consulting

Eagle Fire Consulting, Inc.

Our consulting services are used by Fortune 1000 companies, local, state and federal government, private businesses, commercial real estate brokers (due-diligence) and insurance companies. In order to ensure excellent service, we have a Professional Fire Protection Engineer (P.E.) on staff.

Our services include

  • Fire system specification and plan review
  • Fire protection construction management
  • Loss investigations
  • Audit inspections of all types of fire protection systems
  • Fire protection plans as may be required by local, state, or federal authorities
  • Fire safety training seminars, fire drill evaluation, fire escape route planning and placarding
  • Fire protection system commissioning as recommended by NFPA #3
  • Preparing detailed documentation to include, but not limited to, water supplies, standpipes, fire pumps, pressure reducing/regulation valves, sprinkler systems (including detection and releasing functions) and a variety of chemical based special hazards systems
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