Corrosion Inhibiting System

Eagle Fire is proud to offer the N2-Blast® corrosion inhibiting sysCapturetem from South-Tek Systems.

This system works to mitigate sprinkler pipe corrosion by replacing supervisory compressed air with Nitrogen to dry out any residual moisture from the system.

Corrosion can lead to catastrophic pinhole leaks and cause property or equipment damage, costly repairs or system replacement, renders the fire protection system inoperable in the event of a fire, creates sprinkler head blockage and deteriorates system components such as gaskets and seals.

Nitrogen works to prevent the formation of ice blockages in both black steel and galvanized piping. This has the potential to extend of service life of black steel pipe from 16 to 48 years and galvanized steel from 7 to 92 years.

This system is especially useful for fire sprinkler systems in data centers, retailers, military installations, nursing homes, hotels, parking structures, cold storage facilities, universities and hospitals.  It can be used on dry pipe or pre-action type sprinkler systems.

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