Eagle Fire Lunch and Learn

This past July, Eagle Fire hosted a Lunch and Learn for some of our customers as well as Eagle Fire staff in our Training Room in Richmond. We were fortunate to have Adam Hilton, from Engineered Corrosion Solutions, LLC present on their Nitrogen Generation System. We were able to live stream the presentation to our Charlotte and Charleston locations for staff and customers to participate in those locations as well.

This event gave our customers and staff the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of what the Nitrogen Generation System has to offer. We were able to understand the importance of a nitrogen generation system in places such as databases, historical sites, and locations where water could damage the business. Corrosion in fire sprinkler systems can lead to water damage, plugging problems, reduced hydraulic performance, and reduced service life. The risks asL&L 2015associated with corrosion in fire sprinkler systems include life safety risk, property risk, and business continuity risk. Adam spoke about how a Nitrogen Generation System can decrease those risks and provide a safer atmosphere for your business.

After the presentation lunch was served and customers were able to meet with one another and talk with Adam as well as our Eagle Fire staff. Our customers also had the opportunity to explore the Eagle Fire training room and hear about the progress and improvements underway, especially the work on sprinkler testing.

Learning and understanding the main causes and effects of corrosion in sprinkler pipes was the most positively noted part of the event. Our customers expressed interest in continuing the series and gave suggestions for topics for future Lunch and Learns.


If you are interested in attending a Lunch and Learn hosted by Eagle Fire, have any suggestions for topics or any other questions, please email info@eaglefire.com.

For more information on ECS Corrosion and their Nitrogen Generation Systems, visit http://ecscorrosion.com/product/ecs-protector-nitrogen-generator-system/.