Fire Sprinkler System Inspection by Eagle Fire

Inspection / Service

Whether your fire protection system dates back to the 1920s or is brand new, Eagle Fire’s knowledgeable staff and extensive reference library will serve you well. We’ll work with you to create an ongoing inspection schedule to ensure your equipment works properly and meets applicable code and insurance requirements.


For All Fire Protection Systems

Our experience, training and dedication gives Eagle Fire the unique ability to service and test all types of fixed fire protection or life safety systems installed in mercantile, industrial, commercial and government facilities.

Our customers look to us as their one-stop source to service all types of systems in their facilities. Most fire protection companies are only qualified to service a few types of systems or are limited to selling only a few brands. Eagle Fire can inspect and service all your fire protection equipment.

Eagle Fire’s expertise and advantages for NFPA 25 & NFPA 72 Inspections and Service:

Sprinkler/water-based fire protection systems

Our extensive capabilities in sprinkler systems include wet, dry, precaution systems (for museums and historical buildings, computer rooms, freezers and other sensitive areas), deluge/high-speed deluge, fire pumps – horizontal, vertical, diesel and electric, standpipes – pressure reducing valves (PRV) and foam systems.

Expertise and Advantages:

  • Technicians who inspect and test water-based systems must maintain National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certifications.
  • Service Technicians complete our own State of Virginia – approved apprenticeship program for sprinkler fitters, developed in cooperation with the U.S. Labor Department.
  • We maintain rigorous training standards with leading manufactures, including Viking, Allison Controls, National Foam, Chemguard, Rockwood, Buckeye, Pyrochem and Ansul Foam, among others.

Fire alarm systems

We’re experienced with all major types of fire alarm systems, including hardwired, RF systems, microprocessor-base; high speed detection – UV, IR, IFD, and network proprietary systems; – addressable, conventional, hardwired, coded & 100MA loop.

Expertise and Advantages:

  • Our technical staff has 110+ years of combined experience working on fire alarm systems
  • Fire alarm technicians receive factory training from leading manufacturers and maintain certification from NICET – the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies

Special hazards suppressions systems

We’re trained and qualified to inspect many types of special hazard suppression systems, including clean agent systems & halon, dry chemical, wet chemical, carbon dioxide and all types of foam systems.

Expertise and Advantages:

  • Specially trained and certified technicians
  • Technicians carry National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certification for special hazard systems.

Portable & fixed fire extinguishers

We service all makes and models of portable and fixed systems, including dry chemical; range hood systems; carbon dioxide and type “K.”

Expertise and Advantages

  • Technicians are professionally trained
  • We meet OSHA and NFPA 10 requirements
  • No hidden costs – replace only damaged or worn parts
  • Complete recharging capabilities; modern recharge & testing equipment.
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